Nikken PiMag® shower system


The PiMag® MicroJet shower system uses simple yet efficient technology to help neutralize chlorine.

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Chlorine reduction systems in other shower filters merely trap the chlorine molecules or contain chemicals that counteract chlorine. The PiMag®MicroJet shower system utilizes a chemical reduction-oxidation process that neutralizes free chlorine radicals and converts them into neutral chlorides.

It also helps reduce dirt, sediment and odors. The air admixture also provides a higher ratio of water to air, which reduces the viscosity of the water and gives it less surface tension. Inside the nozzle are small passages, each of which delivers a stream of microbubbles to the water stream to provide effective cleaning action. Innovative magnetic technology helps reduce aggregation to prevent mineral deposition without the use of salts or other chemical additives.

  • PiMag® water technology
  • Air induction technology
  • Innovative magnet technology
  • Stepless nozzle controller
  • Five different settings of the water jet
  • Replaceable filter

The PiMag® MicroJet hand shower system requires a minimum water pressure of 20 PSI to operate effectively. Due to its filtering function, a slight pressure drop may occur during a normal shower.

Hand shower: shower head in white with stainless steel hose (203 cm).


Natural redox process filter media (non-toxic), Pi ceramic material, two ring magnets (1,200 gauss), stainless steel, polymer.


PiMag® MicroJet hand shower: Every 18,930 liters or every three months (with average use).


The statutory warranty applies.

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Nikken PiMag® shower system