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Part of the Nikken sleep system – Makura means pillow in Japanese. As a pioneer of sleep technology, Nikken presents an innovation with the Makura! This revolutionary design transforms your pillow into the perfect headrest. A multi-layered pillow that ensures complete regeneration of the body through deep and restful sleep.

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The Makura can be individually adjusted to the desired height and strength. One side of the cushion provides you with soft padding, while the other provides firmer support. There are also 4 height and 6 comfort options, each for an optimal fit for your neck. The exclusive ergonomic layered design even gives you the option to turn the Makura into two cushions! The exclusive 3-piece modular design combines magnet technology with tourmaline and rubberthane for a gentle, relaxing sleeping experience.

Technologies in the Kenko Makura pillow

Advantages Structure of the product Available size dimensions Magnet: 750 Gauss magnets provide a cocoon effect and thus improve the quality of sleep. Tourmaline: Produces a calming effect like in nature as soon as it is exposed to pressure, heat or movement. Rubber: The pimple structure provides a relaxing, massaging feeling. Volcanic ash: Extracted from the Shirasu volcano in Japan and fired at more than 1000 degrees; Part of the Rubberthane knobs that help regulate temperature.

Benefits of the Makura Pillow by Nikken

  • The Makura is a pillow you’d love to take with you wherever you go!
  • Choose between soft padding and firm support function (2 sides = 2 options).
  • Adapts to the contour of your neck and provides ergonomic support.
  • With 4 different heights and 6 comfort options tailored to your personal preferences.
  • Stimulating massage experience with Rubberthane nubs.
  • The cover made of fabric with hygienic effect, based on Swiss expertise in the field of antimicrobiology, ensures odour neutrality and keeps the cushion fresh.

Components of the Nikken Makura pillow

  1. Outer lining: 56% polyester, 44% viscose rayon
  2. Lining: 82% polyester, 18% elastane
  3. Internal structure: polyurethane, natural latex, 24 magnets and 18 tourmaline.

Construction of the Kenko Makura pillow

  • LAYER A. Outer foam layer with nubs made of Rubberthane natural latex, magnets and tourmaline, height 5.5 cm.
  • LAYER B. Changes the height of the cushion by 2 cm.
  • LAYER C. Smooth rubberthane without knobs, with magnets and tourmaline, height 5.5 cm.

Use of the Nikken Makura

Use the macura as a traditional pillow or adjust the inner layers to the desired height. The macura should not be folded.

Care instructions for the Nikken Kenko Makura pillow

Remove the outer cover and wash it in the machine on a delicate cycle or clean it at a low temperature (maximum 20°C). The inner cushion areas should only be cleaned with a dry sponge (do not wet or dry clean). Do not remove the covers of the inner lining. Do not tumble dry the parts of the pillow.

Warranty of the Kenko Makura

The statutory warranty applies.

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Kenko Makura Kissen von Nikken
Nikken Kenko Makura Pillow