NIKKEN magnetic sleep mask


Kenko PowerSleep® Mask blocks light while producing an area of magnetic flux for comfort and improved sleep.

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  • Take it with you to get a power nap or great night’s sleep anywhere.• Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,265,966)

    • Eliminates light distraction

    • Comfortable, soft fit


    If you use an electronic medical device such as a pacemaker or have a magnetically sensitive surgical implant, do not use or wear magnetic products. Women in the first trimester of pregnancy or anyone who has a health problem should first consult a doctor before using magnetic products. Do not place magnetic products in direct contact with magnetically sensitive items such as watches, credit cards, portable electronic equipment, etc..


    Microfiber, ceramic-reflective and tourmaline fibers, ferrite and elastic

    GAUSS RATING: 800-1,000


    May be hand washed with mild detergent. Air dry at room temperature indoors or outside in a shaded area.

    WARRANTY: Statutory warranty applies.

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NIKKEN magnetic sleep mask