Nikken Kenkoair® Air Filter Replacement Filter Set


For optimum performance, the filter cartridges of your air filter should be replacedregularly.



The user manual indicates the recommended time intervals that should elapse between inspections (where applicable) and filter replacement. Depending on the operating conditions, the filters may need to be replaced more or less often.

It is advisable to order several filters at once so that you always have a clean replacement filter on hand when you need it. Dirty air filters can not effectively clean the air and therefore can no longer help you breathe freely.

  • Hospital Quality
  • Multi-stage HEPA filter
  • Removal of dust, mold spores and animal hair/animal skin particles.
  • Captures microparticles/impurities
  • No toxic ozone
  • Awarded with the Energy Star

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Nikken Kenkoair® Air Filter Replacement Filter Set